Kuani Air Tools

Kuani have been air tool experts since 1985, when they diversified the parts and gears business and expended into the air tool market. Producing tools for both professionals and the DIY market, Kuani have made more than 100 different types of air tools and continually expanded their processes over the last 35 years.

When it comes to quality Kuani air tools, parts, and accessories in Australia, Addems Air Tools is the team you can turn to. Whether you’re looking to buy your next impact wrench or you’re on the market for a handle gasket, our range is sure to impress. Boasting diversity, quality, and Australia-wide delivery, Addems Air Tools can deliver the best of the best Kuani air tools to you.

A Comprehensive Range Of Kuani Air Tools, Parts, And More

You only need to look in one place to get all the Kuani air tools and parts you need. Addems Air Tools is fully equipped with everything from pistol grip wrenches to grease guns and valve springs.

Our team also boasts an impressive manufacturing capacity, allowing us to manufacture parts that you might not find in our range. If you have older or outdated Kuani air tools that you’re struggling to find parts for, ask our team about our manufacturing service. We will work with you to create the parts you’re looking for whenever possible.

Whether You Need Kuani Air Tools, Parts Or Repairs We’re Here For You

We understand that you don’t always want to upgrade and purchase new tools, and that’s where our repair service comes in. Addems Air Tools is based in Frankston and our Kuani repair service offers something for everyone from Frankston locals to interstate customers.

If you’re based in Frankston, we offer a pick-up service for your tool repairs. If you’re based anywhere around Melbourne’s suburbs, you can also come to our team for the repairs you need. Finally, we have rural and interstate customers covered too, with postal or courier options for your tool repairs.

Just like Kuani, we are proud to serve everyone from DIYers to large corporations. Shop our range now or call 03 9787 0752 / 0418 179 826 for more information.